About the collective

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Out of Hours is a multi-disciplinary artist collective based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The group was brought together in 2012 by a shared interest in making things happen, with the purpose of staging exciting events and exhibitions in the region to support the local arts scene.

As the name suggests, the group’s activities take place “Out of Hours”, providing its members with a creative outlet outside of their day-to-day professional lives. The collective work in a range of media including drawing, installation, stone carving, printmaking, film and typography.

About the individuals


Jo Blaker

Jo Blaker is a visual artist & illustrator interested in play, drawing, creativity & learning.

Jo devises & delivers playful art-making experiences for a range of audiences & has worked with clients including ReachOut RCA, Gallery Oldham, the Hepworth Wakefield, Huddersfield Art Gallery, Kirklees Libraries & Intoart. Jo delivers self-funded workshops incorporating her interests in the natural world & music  at Greenhead Park Art Club & the Scribble Band project. When not researching, planning or delivering a workshop Jo can usually be found on her quest of curiosity – looking around corners, picking up sticks or following her nose.

Greenhead Park Art Club

Scribble Band


Tom Carving

Tom Blaker

Tom is a letter cutter, fine carver and part time dry stone waller who works from his studio at Moll Springs Mill.

I am obsessed with stone, from formation in geology  to application in architecture and everything in between. I am interested in the execution of skilled processes,  I place a high value upon the knowledgeable, conscientious worker/craftsperson and the work they produce.  My creative practice is sculptural and tends toward temporary installations.


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Andrew Profil Pic

Andrew Cullen

Andrew is an artist and teacher originally from Warwickshire, now relocated to Holmfirth via Nottingham. He works in a variety of media including screen-print, photography, drawing and sculpture.

“At any one time I may be working on projects that incorporate illustration, design, sculpture or moving image. Basically I just like making. I particularly enjoy printed matter and often work with screen-print but I can turn my hand to most things and enjoy the challenges of working in a variety of media. Most recently I have been experimenting with, and re-discovering the pleasures of 16mm film.”

Luke Powell Profile Image

Luke Powell

Luke Powell is a dry stone waller and stone mason working within a small group of fellow craftsman.

Having studied and worked in the print industry and practicing stone masonry, I am interested and inspired by both print and stone. This project has given me the opportunity to combine my two trades drawing on influences found in the mill space and the other artists in our collective.

Aida Nolan

Aidan Nolan

Aidan Nolan is a graphic designer who set up A.N.D. Studio in 2010. Focusing on visual identity, art direction and design for clients big and small.

As a designer I have trouble creating for the sake of creating. I prefer having a problem to solve or something to push against in order to produce a final outcome. My love and constant striving for well communicated design with a timeless aesthetic is what motivates me. A whole range of items ranging from printed ephemera, to furniture, buildings and objects that have these qualities are what I try to aspire to in my own work. Often the use of grids, pattern, scale, materials and colour help to define and produce work that is beautiful and well considered.

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Kate in Studio

Kate Thornton

Kate is an artist and designer working from her studio in Bates Mill, Huddersfield.

Having explored ideas around architecture at university, my work over recent years has been different, focusing on themes connected to the natural world. Working on the last Out of Hours show at Moll Springs Mill re-ignited my interest in architecture and local history, taking inspiration from the physical interior space of the mill. For the 2014 show I will be taking my architectural attention to the external.

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